Hoi An Diving Center Staff

While we employ many talented and passionate professionals, the most important part of our team is our dive boat Jennifer, named after Steve’s daughter.  The specially-constructed vessel was built from sturdy teak and mahogany and based on the design of traditional Vietnamese fishing boats. Outfitted with everything needed for a good day’s dive, including a sunbathing deck, it is our pride and joy.

Built on Cam Kim island just outside of Hoi An, she is 18m long, 4.4m wide, and 5.5m high. The maximum capacity is 50 people. She was launched in March 2009 and has a newly installed, state-of-the-art diesel engine.

The Hoi An Diving Center staff is made up of PADI professionals. We only employ diving instructors and divemasters with loads of experience and knowledge. This year’s team is no exception!

We strive to provide you with the best possible training and the best day’s diving you can get here in beautiful Hoi An. The crew is made up of Vietnamese professionals and other divers from around the world.

The team will do almost anything to keep you happy and make sure you enjoy yourself on and off the boat. Ask them for something and they will provide!!!

Steve Reid, owner of Hoi An Diving, Blue Coral Group

Steve, the boss, cut his teeth as a manager of another dive company, Rainbow Divers, and decided to go it on his own. With blood, sweat and tears, Hoi An Diving Center was born.

Known to some as the ‘Ginger Panda’, Steve has been diving for 25 years and is an IDC Staff Instructor with PADI.

From: England, sunny Southport and many other places.


Hoang, Staff Instructor, Hoi An Dive Center, Blue Coral DivingHoang, the Assistant Manager, started diving at 16 in Nha Trang. His elder brother is a PADI instructor and encouraged him to dive as much as possible. With over 12,000 dives, Hoang is now a PADI IDC Staff Instructor. A qualified English teacher and amateur chef, he has quickly become a valued member of the Hoi An Diving Center family.

From: Nha Trang City



Minh, boat captain at Hoi An Dive Center, Blue Coral DivingCaptain Minh comes from a seafaring family and has been a boat captain since he was 18. He is the only boat captain in Vietnam who is also a PADI Rescue Diver and EFR-certified. He never stops smiling.

Place of birth: An Bang City, Hoi An




Phap, dive master, Hoi An Dive Center, Blue Coral DivingPhap, the youngest member of the team, started off as the Hoi An Dive Center boat boy. Having learned English from Hoang, Phap is now a PADI Divemaster with thousands of dives under his belt and an eye for rare under sea creatures.

From: An Bang City, Hoi An




Thanh, dive master, Hoi An Dive Center, Blue Coral Diving

Thanh is another long-time member of the Hoi An Diving Center crew. She is a PADI Divemaster, as well as a black-belt Taekwondo star. She loves music and messing around, but her favourite thing to do is play with her dog Eryc (named after her favourite nudibranch). Eagle-eyed, Thanh’s specialty is spotting frog fishes.

From: Nha Trang City



Canh, Hoi An Diving Center, Blue Coral Diving

Canh is the boat boy and another resident joker. He helps customers into and out of their gear, keeps the drinks chest stocked, organises gear and does a little bit of everything. He can fix anything on the boat and is very serious about keeping everything ship-shape.

From: Hoi An




Ruairi, dive instructor at Hoi An Dive Centre, Blue Coral DivingRuairí got his open water certificate at the tender age of 12 and hasn’t stopped exploring the deep blue since. He attained PADI Master Scuba Instructor status in 2013 in Phu Quoc, in the south of Vietnam. Since then he has dived in Israel, Honduras, and in the cold Atlantic off the coast of Ireland.

From: Dublin, Ireland



Dan, dive master, Hoi An Dive Center, Blue Coral DivingDan completed his PADI Divemaster certification in 2003 at the Great Barrier Reef. He loves the serenity and healthy lifestyle diving provides. Friendly and good-natured, he can help any anxious diver find their fins. Known as “Spice Boy” for his ability to devour chilies, he also likes to zen out and relax with friends.

From: Queensland, Australia



Ross, dive master, Hoi An Dive Center, Blue Coral DivingRoss has lived in Asia for the past four years, spending the last two years diving and completing his Divemaster course in Nha Trang. Besides bearing a striking likeness to Jason Statham, Ross is also into fitness and can be found at the gym or on his bicycle when he’s not in his fins.

From: France and Britain.



Maria, snorkel master, Hoi An Dive Center, Blue Coral Diving

Maria is the snorkel master on the dive boat, and is responsible for taking good care of all of our snorkelling customers. She also has her Advanced Open Water certification. A fan of dancing, reggaeton, and a good joke, she is always ready to answer any questions with her mega-watt smile.

From: Chile

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Hugh, Dive Instructor, Hoi An Dive Center, Blue Coral DivingHugh is half of a husband-and-wife scuba team with Deb.  Formerly a co-manager of a dive shop in Sumatra, he has dived around the world. A PADI-certified instructor, customers can avail of his keen knowledge and experience. They definitely won’t lose him underwater in his neon-green wetsuit!

From: New Zealand



Deb, instructor, Hoi An Dive Center, Blue Coral Diving

Deb came to Hoi An Dive Center after a stint co-managing a dive shop in Sumatra with her partner in crime, Hugh. Always up for a laugh, Deb is a certified instructor with a talent for finding banded shrimp and other undersea creatures.. She is great guide who is good with new and experienced divers

From: New Zealand



Mark, Blue Coral Diving, Hoi An Dive CenterMark lifts tanks, helps guests, smiles constantly and helps the boat run smoothly. A divemaster-in-training, he also has experience as a commercial diver, repairing and cleaning boats. He is always up for a conversation, a cup of coffee or a glass of beer.

From: Australia

Kurt, diving instructor, Hoi An Diving Center, Blue Coral DivingKurt is a certified diving instructor, and has taught at dive centers around the world. He and his partner Keryn have also travelled extensively through Asia. Ask him for his expertise in diving or some advice about further travels on in this beautiful continent.

From: Australia