Dive Hoi An Staff

The most important part of our team is Blue Coral 03, our boat!

Built on Cam Kim island just outside Hoi An. She is 18m long 4.4m wide and 5.5m high. The maximum capacity is 50 people. She was launched in March 2009 and has a state of the art diesel engine which is very efficient therefore using less fuel to sail to Cham than other boats used. Some 50% more fuel efficient so producing less emissions. We at Blue Coral Diving are very proud of our boat. She’s a beauty!!

The Blue Coral Diving Team is made up of PADI professionals. We only employ diving instructors and dive masters with loads of experience and knowledge. This years team is no exception! We hope to provide you with the best possible training and the best days fun diving you can get here in beautiful Hoi An. Blue Coral Diving team is Anglo Vietnamese with some language skills in English, French, German, Italian and Scouse.

The team will do almost anything to keep you happy and enjoying yourself on and off the boat! Ask them for something and they will provide!!!

Blue Coral Diving - Hoi An Vietnam | PADI Navigator | On-land Compass Training

Steve, the boss, has been in Hoi An for sometime now. He cut his teeth as a manager of another dive company, Rainbow, and decided to go it on his own. With blood, sweat and tears, Blue Coral Diving was born.

Known to some as the Ginger Panda, Steve has been diving for 25 years and is a IDC Staff Instructor with PADI.

Age: Older than he thinks!

Country of origin: England, Sunny Southport and many other places!

Loves: Diving and Rugby Union and his expanding family!

Music: Guitar and more guitar!

Quote: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!!!


Starting to dive 5 years ago in the Swiss lakes, Vanessa fell in love with diving immediately. How you can imagine it became even better when she went for the first dive in the sea. In 2010 she completed her Dive Master in Vietnam. Not only the diving but also the Cham Island are very important to her, as she did volunteer work for several month on the island. Happily she is part of the Blue Coral Family since 2011.

Age: 30

Nationality: Swiss

Loves: Diving, Snowboarding, Travelling

Quote: “Happiness is not something ready-made, it comes from your own actions” Dalai Lama.


Hoang. The Assistant Manager, started diving at 16 in Nha Trang. His elder brother is a PADI instructor and encouraged him to dive as much as possible. Joining Rainbow Divers he quickly became a talented diver. 2003 he became an Assistant Instructor and continued to grow as a diver. With over 12,000 dives and now a PADI IDC Staff Instructor himself he has joined Blue Coral Diving. A qualified English teacher and amateur chef he has quickly become a valued member of the Blue Coral family. Hoang is now teach our Vietnamese staff to dive and growing our own Viet Team of highly professional dive guides.

Place of birth: Nha Trang City.

Age: People always said he’s 37.

Nationality: Vietnamese

Loves: Diving, ping-pong, cooking, good music (some bad) and generally having a good time!

Music: All.

Quote: “Let Rock and Roll.”


Phap, the youngest member of the team started off as the Blue Coral boat boy! Now learning English quickly, thanks to Mr.Hoang. Phap is now a PADI Dive Master with over 1,000 dives on his belt and he can show you all the macro’s stuffs underwater.

Place of birth: An Bang City – Hoi An.

Age: 19

Nationality: Vietamese.

Loves: His Mum.

Music: Any Vietnamese love songs and techno.



Capt.Minh, father of one son. Boat captain since he was 18. The only boat captain in Vietnam who is a PADI Rescue Diver and EFR certified. Never stops smiling.

Place of birth: An Bang City – Hoi An.

Age: 36.

Nationality: Vietamese.

Music: Techno and Gangnam’s style.





Chris, “The Sherif of Nottingham” ex-force, painter, decorator and now a PADI OWSI. Thinks he is “George Clooney” but better looking, one of twins. Father of two and happy devorced. Keen to dance!

Place of birth: Nottingham.

Age: 49 ish.

Nationality: British.

Music: Floyd Led Zed and Country/Folk.





Thanh, with a black belt Taewondo Instructor, also one of the twins. Loves music and messing around. Never stays still!!! Thanh is now a PADI Dive Master, along with Phap are the future of Vietnamese diving, highly skills and highly professional.

Place of birth: Nha Trang City.

Age: 21.

Nationality: Vietamese.

Music: Rock Pop and Vietnamese love songs.






Mari-Liis, PADI OWSI, AIDA 2 stars freediver also a nurse, poet, dreamer, realist.

Place of birth: from a small island in Estonia.

Age: 32

Nationality: Estonian

Love: scuba diving, freediving, nudibranches, rain, full moon, massage, sushi and coconuts.

Music: Nick Cave, Aretha Franklin.

Quote: “My home is my soul, so I am always at home.”